Neal Moore at the Harvard Club: Into the Heart of America

Harvard Travellers Club

December 13, 2022

Harvard Club of Boston, Commonwealth Ave

The Harvard Travellers Club is an organization that has provided a venue for adventurous travelers to gather and socialize since 1902. An illustrious list of past speakers and members “include many legendary — as well as up-and-coming — explorers, scientists, mountaineers and adventurers.” Including: “the polar explorers Peary, Shackleton, Stefansson . . . the mountaineers Mallory, Smythe, Harrer . . . Hiram Bingham, the discoverer of Machu Picchu . . . the great central Asian explorers Sir Francis Younghusband, Sven Hedin, Owen Lattimore and Roy Chapman Andrews . . . the Persian scholar Sir Percy Sykes . . . Bertram Thomas, the first European to cross the fabled Rub’ al-Khali . . . Alan Villiers, sailor and writer . . . Sir Harry Johnston, African explorer and writer . . . and President Theodore Roosevelt.”