CNN.COM: A modern-day Huck Finn


iReporter Neal Moore left the northern source of the Mississippi River in July and ended his trip in New Orleans in December, traversing the Mighty Mississippi the whole way by canoe. His mission was not only to document his canoe journey but also report on and participate in positive and uplifting stories of American communities along the way. To view’s “Down the Mississippi” retrospective CLICK HERE.

2 thoughts on “CNN.COM: A modern-day Huck Finn

  1. Annie Williams

    Neal, I can’t wait to share your exciting and powerful documentary link with my family and many others across the state of Miss., US. and Alaska.

    I was truly moved my the positive and inspiring stories of the prisioners in the Angola Prison.
    I enjoyed how you captured the stories of the warden and the prisoners telling of the power of the Gospel, moral values, and communications via the gospel radio station and the television station owned by the Angola prison.

    Will you have DVD’s for sale on various segments of your trip? Will this eventually become a movie?
    May God continue to bless you and your works.

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