Neal Moore Finishes Two-Year Solo Canoe Journey With a Pack Of New Friends

Neal Moore ended his 22-month solo canoe journey across America yesterday at the head of a small flotilla of friends he’d made along the way. The well wishers came from all over the country to share this moment with Moore, who led the way to the Statue of Liberty in the red Old Town canoe he’d spent nearly two years paddling and portaging from the Pacific to New York City.

Friends cam from Astoria, Oregon, where he started paddling 675 days before, from Clarksdale and Columbus, Mississippi and Louisville, Kentucky. A media boat followed the paddlers, carrying more well-wishers, as well as reporters from the New York Times, the New Yorker and Professional Mariner magazine. …

You can read Jeff’s entire expedition interview at Adventure Journal here.

14 thoughts on “Neal Moore Finishes Two-Year Solo Canoe Journey With a Pack Of New Friends

  1. Bob Fox

    Neal. I wish you a hearty congratulations on completing your vast journey across our great country. It was truly a pleasure to greet you on the river and visit with you as you toured Cape Girardeau. I have enjoyed reading the various entries about your voyage and your experiences. I look forward to someday reading you book. Thank you for your inspiration and I hope you can take some time off to ret and enjoy Christmas. Bob Fox.

    1. Cheers, Bob – it was a pleasure to meet you and the fine City of Cape as well. I’m hoping to make my way back sooner than later. Will be in touch. Until then, have a Happy Christmas and New Years as well. All my best!

    1. Rick, it was such a pleasure to be in touch from the very beginning. I appreciate your belief in the journey and all of your kind assistance. I’m hoping to get back out West before too long and will be in touch. All my best.

  2. Congratulations! Your desire and determination got you through this great journey. You certainly had some help from old & new friends, but you made it happen. So glad you are safe. Happy birthday!

    1. Hey Brent, a real pleasure to be in touch. I felt like I was carrying you guys with me on this journey. Especially when firemen and volunteer firefighters right the way across the country helped me out along the path. From NOLA – all my best!

  3. Lori Kline

    I’m thrilled that you completed your journey! May the Lord continue to guide you in your next adventure, as we daily walk in an exciting adventure called life! It was a blessing that we got to meet you in a little place called Shady Waters!

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