5 thoughts on “Expedition interview on Chautauqua Lake

  1. kenwheeler1

    Neal; I just finished the radio interview; terrific ! You did a great job of describing the trip, as well as your own personal journey thru life; bot great stories. If it‘s not too late to get on your travel calendar, I would love to extend an invitation to include Paducah on it. Having enjoyed your company (twice) on the way to NY, we would love to show you more of Paducah’s hospitality and passion for the river. I’m copying Polly Brasher, the new Director at our River Discovery Center, and encouraging her to catch the interview. Polly is just recently onboard here, but brings a world of river experience with her. What a great opportunity it would be for her to team with you on a program at the RDC for the local river folks ! Please let us know if a stop here might be possible.

    1. Ken, greetings from New York and thanks for the kind words and for thinking of me. I do love and miss Paducah and the River Discovery Center. Will message you soon privately. All best, Neal

  2. Cheryl Pruett

    Hey Neal, thanks for sharing this interview. I enjoyed hearing about your feelings, scary moments, happy moments and the culmination of such an inspiring trip. It was a fun to “follow” you across the country during the journey. You did a great job of summarizing it for the interview!

    It was good to see you at the MoRP Rendezvous.

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