Man touring America by canoe visits Plattsmouth

The Plattsmouth Journal

By Timothy Rohwer

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 1.46.46 PM
Neal Moore, who is touring America by canoe and hopes to write a book about his experiences when he is finished. He is currently canoeing down the Missouri River and had a layover this week in Plattsmouth. Photo by Timmoth Rohwer.

PLATTSMOUTH – Neal Moore is touring the country in what he described as a most “amazing” way.

The California-bred Moore, who has lived overseas for the last 30 years, has returned to America and is seeing it by canoeing on its major rivers—from Sea to Shining Sea.

“To come back to my home country and to see it this way is truly amazing,” Moore said during a stopover in Plattsmouth on Tuesday.

He started his cross-country journey in Oregon at the mouth of the Columbia River in early February, and reached the Missouri River in Helena, Mont., in early June.

Moore is currently canoeing down the river and hopes to reach New Orleans, La., by year’s end with the goal of reaching New York City on rivers by the end of 2021. “This would include reaching Lake Erie near Buffalo, hopefully before winter arrives,” he said.

So far along the route, Moore has faced “extreme” lightning storms and a tornado where fortunately a storm shelter for cover was nearby.

“To experience the raw power of nature is really something.”

He estimates his journey from start to finish will total 7,500 miles.

At the height of the Great Recession in 2008, Moore decided to canoe on the Mississippi River to see America from a different view.

“I was finding hard-luck towns and each had a cause or a theme,” he said.

Eventually, he met a man from Montana who was living his life on the rivers, Moore said.

He told Moore to slow down on his journeys, to get out and walk around and learn of the people along his routes.

On Monday evening, Moore camped on a sandbar near where the Platte River meets the Missouri. On Tuesday morning, he toured downtown Plattsmouth and met patrons at a Main Street restaurant where one of them paid Moore’s meal.

“I’m happy to be here,” he said of his visit.

On Tuesday evening, Moore was scheduled to stay overnight in Nebraska City.

He hopes to write a book on his experiences after finishing his journey, Moore said.

“To come back and see your home country in this way has to be the greatest adventure of your life.”

4 thoughts on “Man touring America by canoe visits Plattsmouth

  1. Rick Vermeers

    Good to see that you are progressing well. I trust that this part of the trip is easier than the Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Western Montana part.

    1. Neal
      It was a pleasure to meet you at about the halfway point of this fantastic journey. You are a true inspiration. I wish we could have visited more. I hope we get a chance to catch up.
      God bless

  2. Thomas Eier

    Dear friend Neal there is a long Army Corps of Engineers rock levy holding the confluence of the PLATTE RIVER in check as it enters the BIG MUDDY! My Dear River Rat friend John Ruskey grew up on the Platte River in Colorado as I recall. FIRST SQUAD decided back in September, 2005 that we would camp at the mouth of the Mighty Platte River after paddling in our DUGOUT CANOES all day long. Unfortunately it was after dark when we encountered that rock levy so we pulled into the delta and did our best to set up camp on a murky delta sand bar. Little did we know less then 300 yards down stream was a boat launch where we did not have to camp in the mud. In the morning we could see across the delta. My old fart brother DORY DOUG bitched all night about sleeping in the mud which leaked into our 2 man tent. IDAHO JIM threw down his bed roll in MATO CHANTE. I loved it and never will forget the PLATTE RIVER and Brother John returning to his river roots. WE PROCEED ON!

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