First Year of the 22 Rivers Expedition

One year on the water and I find myself in New Orleans, the end of the second leg of my “22 Rivers Expedition” across these United States. It’s been a wild year for one and all, and for me, there’s been no exception. Weeks into my cross country paddle the Covid-19 pandemic hit. After discussing with trusted friends and colleagues, I determined that with the canoe as my only home, sheltering in place meant continuing the journey. New Orleans represents 4,400 river and portage miles behind me, leaving another 3,100 to go next year to make NYC. Cheers for everybody’s encouragement, friendship, and support. It absolutely means the world.

5 thoughts on “First Year of the 22 Rivers Expedition

  1. Bob Fox

    Congratulations on completing the first year. What a momentous accomplishment so far.! I envy you being in New Orleans for the food there is outstanding. I would definitely suggest a visit to the WW II Museum. It will be an experience you’ll never forget. Have a Merry Christmas and as always, please be safe as you continue your journey

  2. Cheers, Bob! The food has been great, and yes, I did check out the WWII Museum. I’d previously visited the WWI Museum in Kansas City — both just excellent. I hope all’s well by you and City of Cape. I miss it but am excited to get back in the water from tomorrow! All best!

    1. Bob Fox

      Best of luck as you continue your marvelous journey. You have many more friends to make. Please continue your posts as many are tracking your voyage.

  3. Hey Neal ,
    I’m slowly but surely checking all your amazing posts along this 22 rivers journey of yours , really enjoy the pictures and videos and most than anything the stories and people you meet along the way . Thanks for sharing this trip with us and at the same time allowing us to be a small part of it and feel like we are traveling too . Can’t wait to see what’s coming next !!!

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