Traveling Through Appalachian Rivers By Canoes And Coal Barges


West Virginia Public Radio

View from along the Ohio River, headed toward Pittsburgh, entering the Willow Island Locks & Dam. Courtesy Neal Moore

This week’s episode of Inside Appalachia is all about how we interact with water and our rivers. We’ll hear from people who make their living on the water — like Marvin L. Wooten, a longtime river boat captain. He started working in the riverboat industry in 1979. “I got two job offers the same day, and I took this job,” Wooten said. “My dad always said the river will always be there. So that’s what I’ve chosen to make my living at.”

And we’ll meet Neal Moore, who’s been canoeing for 17 months, on a journey that will cover 7,500 miles coast to coast. Moore hopes to wrap up his 22-month-long trip this December at the Statue of Liberty in New York. Recently, he made his way into Appalachia. “For many days, I’m in the canoe from from first light until last light,” Moore told Inside Appalachia producer Roxy Todd on a recent stop along the Kanawha River in Charleston, West Virginia.

“I sort of have to find my landlubber legs when I when I step onto a dock like this at times. But for the most part, I actually feel pretty strong,” Moore said.

3 thoughts on “Traveling Through Appalachian Rivers By Canoes And Coal Barges

  1. Joedi Roberts

    I am so thankful and happy that I personally had the chance to meet you guys! You’re spirit and positivity are what the world needs! Today, you guys gave me faith that the world isn’t so bad. If you’re ever back in Lakeport, NY don’t be afraid to stop! Stay safe, stay healthy and god bless ❤️🇺🇸

  2. Joedi

    Also! My brother was the man at the VFW in Bridgeport that bought you gentleman a drink! I figured it was him! His name is Thomas he said he’s sorry he didn’t get to speak with you, he had my nephew to chase around!

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